How to Prepare for your Big Move

When you are preparing for a move it can add a lot of extra work not to mention stress to your plate. However the key to a successful move is planning ahead so you can make things as easy as possible. Here are a few planning tips to help you prepare for your move:

Moving Company: When you call moving companies in Ottawa, Ontario you want to ask all of the right questions. If you have any special needs such as heavier items, pets, flammable materials and anything that might be unusual or require special attention such as a piano you want to mention these needs so they can let you know if they can handle them. Some movers might not be equipped for special requests such as these.

Pack Early: It is very easy to keep putting packing off, however it is in your best interest to start early. You can pack up all of the items you rarely use such as off season clothing, special guest dinnerware and even sports equipment. Books, CDs and DVDs are also perfect choices for your early packing efforts. Than work your way through your home based on the items you use the least and end by packing your frequently used items such as your toiletries and clothes. Speak to your moving company and ask them if they offer packing supplies to make your job easier.

Insurance: Call your insurance company in advance and see if they cover damage to your belongings during a move. If they don’t then it is important to arrange for insurance or speak to moving companies in Ottawa, Ontario to see what their insurance will cover.

Meals: Moving day is makes it tough for eating and drinking. Fill a cooler filled with cold water and drinks and have some easy to eat foods whether it is some muffins or bagels or even just fruit that people can snack on when they feel hungry.

Last Box: Arrange to have a last box or suitcase that you carry with you in your own vehicle. This will contain all of your toiletries, pyjamas and a change of clothes for the next day for the family. This way you won’t have to search through everything when bed time arrives. Also consider having a box of linens with a towel for each person and their sheet sets so even if you don’t have time to set up the beds you have what you need to sleep on your mattresses.

These tips will help make your moving day a little easier. To get more information, contact Gerry’s Moving today!

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