How to get into the Sales State of Mind

Sometimes it takes some motivational sales training Chicago sales experts offer to get into the sales state of mind. It takes focus and motivation to succeed in sales and knowing how to get into the right mindset will help you succeed. Here are a few tips to help keep your eyes on the prize:

* Research and Preparation: Often people head out to a meeting without taking the proper first steps and preplanning required to succeed. If you tend to make sales calls without taking the time to learn some important facts about your prospects you are far less likely to succeed. At the least a visit to the sales lead’s website is required to learn what they are all about. You can also then prepare some further questions that will actually show your prospects that you want to learn more in order to better meet their needs.

* Solve a Problem: Your research will have you on the right road to help potential clients solve a problem. When you ask the right questions you will be able to listen to them and identify how your products can assist them. You want to offer solutions not just try to sell them without thought as to why they should be buying. When you listen you will be able to jump in when you hear where they have pain points and offer them a way to ease that pain.

* Back Track: The focused sales person looks for ways to back track on their information collecting in order to have a reason to reconnect with prospects. Taking notes will allow you to revisit the conversation and learn more following the meeting. You can then do a little forensic selling by looking at the evidence and putting together clues that will help you find your “in” to offer them your products in a new and appropriate manner. It can lead to an email or phone call where you can say “I was just reviewing my notes from our meeting and noticed you really have no way of (insert pain point here). I know our model or service is ideal for this issue and I’d like to show you how it can work for you.” Voila – pain point addressed, reconnect is made and you are on your way to a sale.

Zoning in on ideas motivational sales training Chicago experts offer will help you stay in a sales state of mind.

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