How to Create Compelling and Whimsical Illustrations

Have you ever looked through a picture book or a graphic novel and wondered how you could create whimsical illustrations like that?  Many people have wondered such and it has led them to enroll in a few art classes.  Others have managed to teach themselves.  Creating the images is not necessarily difficult – getting them published may be. Nonetheless, if you are interested in learning how some of the more intricate images are created, you are in the right place.  Here are few explanations to better answer any lingering questions.

Are the Images Created by a Person or a Computer?
This is a great question.  Most of the images that you see in a comic strip, graphic novel, or even in books for young readers are actually hand drawn.  Depending on the illustrator, the images are sketched in the rough initially and then scanned to a software program that specializes in the digital editing of the illustration.  For example, animators can create amazing sketches for a storyboard of a carton or graphic novel and then they may complete the final draft of the illustration by hand; or they might actually upload it to a hard drive via scanning so they can better achieve the right look for the illustration.

What is the Secret Behind Creating Memorable Whimsical Illustrations?
First and foremost, there must be a story, characters and a setting.  Some illustrators are writers as well so they can craft an amazing story that they can then illustrate.  Other illustrators are not writers and may sketch on a work-for-hire basis. Either way, a memorable illustration must have a memorable central character that will stick out.  Sometimes the character is at the very core of the illustration.  Other times it may be a fun, adventurous involving animals and plant life.  Finally, if there is a pinnacle scene in a story, then the illustrator can bring the words to life through sketching it.  The finished product is usually memorable and amazing.  It will evoke positive feelings in the reader and, if done right, will linger in the minds of the readers for years to come.

Creating amazing pictures is fun and intriguing.  It is possible to create a picture that generations will remember.  If you are interested in learning more about creating illustrations or illustration services, visit For a free quote contact them 888-998-0873.

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