How to Care for Laminate Countertops San Fernando Valley CA

by | May 29, 2015 | Countertops

When people think of using laminate in their homes, they tend to think of floors. However, Laminate Countertops San Fernando Valley CA allows a homeowner to have work surfaces that are aesthetically pleasing, resistant to heat, and resistant to stain. For these reasons, it’s prudent to think about using these in your home. These countertops easy to care for. Consider the following care tips, so you can understand the simplicity in maintaining Laminate Countertops San Fernando Valley CA.

Although these countertops are sturdy and can easily absorb impact, it’s advisable to not drop heavy items on them. When you have to place a heavy object such as an appliance on the laminate, ease it down gently. You may need another person to help you do this. Also, avoid dragging heavy items across your countertops. This is sometimes done when you are in a hurry or can’t lift a bulky item. Try to put a heavy item on a piece of board on your countertop. Gently slide it across and ease it into it’s a new position. Be cautious if there are seams in the laminate. Defective seams can result in breaks along the countertop.

Don’t use a laminate countertop as a cutting board. You could easily slice into the layers of the work surface. A seam could be penetrated as well. This would result in a tear in the countertop. Avoid exposing the countertop to excessive water. The seams can absorb water. This can penetrate the underlying layers of the countertop, which are compressed layers of paper and plastic. This absorption can result in swelling that deforms the integrity of the product.

Ensure that you regularly wax your countertops about once a month. This will help form a barrier that prevents stains. You can clean your work surfaces with a mild household cleaner diluted with water. Rinse your countertops after cleaning thoroughly. Don’t expose your countertops to high levels of heat or harsh chemicals. This can damage the surface of your countertops.

By following these sensible tips, you help preserve the original condition of your Countertops San Fernando Valley CA. Since these are a major investment, you can also avoid repair bills and replacement countertops. For more information on laminate countertops, please talk to a specialist at Harter Surfaces. This company can handle many types of countertops for enhanced customer satisfaction. Visit website for more information.

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