How Same Day Crowns Help To Improve Smiles

If you’ve ever been to the dentist, you’ve probably seen or heard about dental crowns. A dental crown is simply another tool used by dentists in order to help restore the look of a person’s tooth. There are a number of reasons it may be used for a procedure. Same Day Crowns may be used to help cover a newly installed dental implant, or they may be used to help fight against the effects of cavities. Let’s take a closer look at these crowns and what they may be able to offer.

Cavities are a huge problem for millions of people. In fact, many people suffer with more than one cavity. This dental complication eats away at the tooth and destroys its structure. Several steps need to be taken in order to prevent the cavity from destroying the tooth anymore than it already has. If it’s possible, the cavity will be drilled and cleared out. In order to prevent the cavity from coming back, and doing more damage, a dental crown may be used. Same Day Crowns can be used to help protect the health of the infected tooth.

How are these crowns created? Dentists need to be precise when it comes to creating crowns. These fixtures need to fit perfectly onto the tooth, and need to be able to stay there for several months or years. In order to do this dentists like Petreikis L D DDS will likely use an indirect method to fabricate the piece. This indirect method involves creating a dental impression of the person’s teeth. With a dental impression a dentist is able to create a near perfect crown that can then be placed over the tooth.

The crown is usually made from some type of very tough material. Patients have the option of choosing either metal or porcelain. When choosing metal most patients opt for either silver or gold pieces. When it comes to porcelain, a special firing porcelain is used for the job. Both of these materials require intense heat in order to be formed. If the indirect method wasn’t used, and a direct method was used instead, these pieces may not be able to be properly applied.

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