How Functional Medicine and Traditional Medicine Differ

Before one goes to a functional medicine clinic, it is imperative to have a full understanding of what functional medicine is and what it is used for. Functional medicine is the study of figuring out what the root causes for disease is. A practitioner and patient will meet, and the practitioner will spend a good amount of time getting the patient’s background, family history, do a physical and conduct regular testing in order to be able to assess a patient from head to toe.

Building Strong Rapport

The relation between a patient and a functional medicine clinic will be more therapeutic when in comparison to say, a trip to the hospital or day clinic. Being very patient centered, a functional medical clinic will address a whole patient not just focusing on a specific set of symptoms.

Functional vs. Traditional

There are many reasons why one should seek out the assistance from a functional medicine clinic especially is they are suffering from a chronic illness that requires more intense therapy and constant care. Some of the other reasons why a functional medicine clinic is important are because:

* Most medicinal clinics and practices are more acute care oriented
* To prevent and properly treat chronic ailments
* Difference in practitioner patient approach
* Assess root cause to problems and focus on changing that

A few of the main reasons why a functional medicine clinic differs from a regular clinic are:

* They are patient centered
* Science based more integrative approach to reach optimal health
* A great combination of alternative and western medicines

Finding Proper Treatment for Chronic Ailments

As more people are starting to develop chronic conditions, their care and treatment plan needs to be more adjusted to something that will be lasting and long-term. Instead of pumping them full of different medication, a functional medicine clinic will diagnose the condition and try to reverse the effects and make the patient more comfortable. For instance, if someone if suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, instead of received cortisone shots all of the time to mask the pain, a functional medicine clinic will have the patients go through therapy, possibly change their diet up a little bit to reduce inflammations and teach the patient different methods to ease and cope with the ailment.

It is a well-known fact that the longer someone is taking a prescription medication, they can either get gook on it, there are adverse side effects to consistent use, and or the prescription loses its overall effectiveness after a while. Instead of masking symptoms and chronic pain, a functional medicine clinic will help patients and guide them down the path of acceptance and properly coping with their condition. To know more about functional medicine clinic visit Business Name.

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