How do Professional Chimney Sweeps do Chimney Cleaning in Hagerstown MD?

by | Jul 21, 2014 | Chimney

Chimney Cleaning in Hagerstown MD is a dirty job, but one that is necessary to maintain a safe and comfortable environment in any home with a fireplace. The soot, dust and creosote that builds up in chimneys over time can be a potential fire hazard, and can also cause problems for people who are especially sensitive to airborne allergens. Many people are not comfortable with doing the chimney cleaning themselves, and would rather use professional Chimney Cleaning in Hagerstown MD. But if you have ever wondered how the pros do the job, here is some information on the different methods used by professional chimney sweeps.

Most chimney cleaners use a top down method to clean your chimney, starting on the roof and reaching down using a chimney brush to scrub the walls of your chimney. There are a few different reasons this is the preferred method of cleaning. First, it is easier and less tiring to look down to clean the chimney that it is to look up. It is easier to find obstructions such as birds nests that may be in the chimney, and you also have the advantage of gravity to help with the cleaning. The second benefit of this process is that it keeps the inside of your home clean. The chimney cleaner can close your fireplace cover to prevent dust and soot from spilling out of the fireplace onto your floor and furniture. The chimney sweep will simply use a chimney brush, flashlight, and either chimney brush rods or a weighted rope to scrub the inside of your chimney.

Some chimney cleaners prefer to use a bottom up cleaning method. This requires that your fireplace is open so that the chimney cleaner can access your chimney from within your home, but a good chimney sweep will cover your floor and furniture with drop cloth or tarp to control the mess that is created. The process is similar to the top-down method. The chimney sweep will scrub the sides of your chimney using a chimney brush and extension rods, and use a broom, shovel and pale to clean up the mess of soot and debris that falls into your fireplace.

If the chimney in your home is in need of cleaning, contact a local chimney sweep, such as Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps, to get more information on their services, cleaning process and pricing.

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