How do Bail Bonds Work?

We hear all of the time that people are being arrested. Whether we hear it on the television or see it in some drama on television, we see some person getting arrested and sent to prison, only to be released on X thousands of dollars and will return to court for their trail and hearing. Okay, so you are aware of the term and you may have some idea as to how the bail process works; however, what does a bail bond mean and how does it work?

The Bail Bonding Process

The process is rather easy to understand. If someone is arrested for a certain crime, they will be sent to jail for booking and will be fingerprinted and have a mug shot taken. A bail bond company in San Bernardino County will arrange with the court to have the suspect released from jail in exchange for collateral or monetary value. The bail bonding business is taking a tremendous risk when doing this because if the suspect skips out on their court date, the bail-bonding agency will face losing money. Bail bonding agencies are responsible for ensuring that the suspect arrives at court on the day of their trial. If the suspect does not show up on their court day, the bail bonding agency hires a bounty hunter, who then tracks down suspects that do not show up for their court date, and the United States is one of the only few countries that will allow bounty hunting.

Types of Bonds

There are three types of bonds that are issued by judges. They are cash bond, surety bond, and property bond. Cash bonds are exactly as they sound, they are money put upfront, which can be enticing enough to get the suspect to show up on their court date. A surety bond is a bond, which requires the bond agency to guarantee payment if the suspect flees. A surety bond can result in a bail bonding agency going bankrupt if the suspect neglects to show up on their court date. Finally, a property bond is a lien put up on property.

A bail bonding agency will charge a fee of 10% of the bond. This payment is required even if the court date is thrown out. Considering the financial risk that bondsmen face, some sort of payment is necessary.

Overall, nobody wants a friend or family member who is facing jail time. If they are, contact a bondsman immediately. The process is rather easy and once the bail is paid by the bondsman, the accused will be released from jail.

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