How an Injury Attorney in Bel Air Helps You Get Compensation for Your Accident

Being an accident victim is a place no one wants to be. It’s the start of what can be months of misery while healing, dealing with paperwork and hoping for the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, being on the receiving end of an accident does not mean that the insurance companies are going to readily take care of you. Insurance companies do what they can to not pay out what you need to take care of the bills, pain and suffering. It’s for this reason alone that you’re going to need help from an Injury Attorney in Bel Air.

An insurance policy tends to have a limit as to how much it’s going to pay out for an accident. Sometimes, the person who caused the accident has a liability policy that reaches its payout limit quickly. In other words, there is not a lot of money available to cover the damage to your property as well as taking care of your medical bills. If you have underinsured /uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance, you are technically able to make a claim in order to get the rest of the bills covered. But what if your insurance company doesn’t want to pay up?

There is an infamous case where an insurer defended the individual who caused the death of a young woman. The insurer in this case was the company that insured the individual who was killed. Yet, in order to avoid paying out on the policy, the company decided to defend the individual who was never their customer to begin with, and the person who caused the accident. That is an extreme example of how far an insurer will go to not pay out, but it is not unusual.

Getting the money you need is going to take the help of a lawyer. A lawyer comes with the threat of going to court in the event the insurer balks at paying. The presence of a lawyer also makes it less likely that the insurance company makes the attempt to drag its feet on settling your claim. Insurers do not fear their customers, but they do fear a lawyer who can get more money out of them than they ever wanted to pay out in the first place.

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