How a Queens Bus Accident Attorney Can Help You Win Your Case

Hundreds of people are injured in bus accidents in New York City every year. Whether it’s a motor coach, a school bus, or a city bus, these vehicles can cause severe injuries to passengers and other motorists when accidents occur. Additionally, most buses do not have seatbelts and airbags, so passengers are likely to suffer spinal cord, soft tissue, and brain injuries. Here, readers will learn how bus accident attorneys fight for clients’ rights and help them get everything to which they are entitled.

How Attorneys Help Clients

The time after an accident can be, to say the least, frightening and confusing. In most cases, victims don’t know what to do or where to turn for assistance. A bus accident attorney in Queens, NY can help by:

• Evaluating the case and determining the legitimacy of the claim

• Communicating with insurers on a client’s behalf

• Negotiating a settlement that fairly compensates a victim for their losses

• File a claim and provide courtroom representation

It’s important for clients to remember that insurance companies often take advantage of the unrepresented by making low initial offers. Therefore, it’s important to consult a bus accident attorney in Queens, NY before agreeing to a settlement that may affect recovery rights. Call or click today to request a no-obligation consultation.

Call A Queens Bus Accident Lawyer to Preserve Your Rights

If you’ve been injured in a bus accident caused by the vehicle, the driver, the bus company, or another motorist, you may be able to receive compensation. The attorneys at Levy Borukh Law understand the complicated nature of these accidents and they are committed to ensuring that clients get what they deserve. Request additional information online at or call today to schedule a consultation.

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