How a DWI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD, Helps You After a DWI Citation

You have no time to lose to get to a DWI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD after getting cited. Having a DWI citation puts you at risk of losing your job, your ability to get around and your ability to support you and your family. Don’t take the line of thought that you are guilty because you were pulled over, so you must plead guilty. That only opens up the way for the judge to throw the book at you, even putting you in jail for a year if the mood strikes him. The fines run into the thousands of dollars and you have to jump through hoops to get your license back.

Don’t let this happen to you — contact a DWI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD for help as soon as you can after a citation. There are many steps to go through after the citation, including keeping your drivers license valid until the court date. Why? The state has a 45-day grace period before it takes away your driving privileges altogether under an administrative revocation. The state gives you 10 days to challenge the suspension. You can avoid this revocation keeping you off the street, but only if you send in a lawyer to argue your case. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to drive after the 45 days are up.

Never, ever let yourself think that you are guilty and deserve the punishment that is meted out to you. A DWI is handled as a criminal offense, and because of this, the state has a burden of proof to meet. That is, it has to work to find you guilty. Having a DWI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD that is ready to meet the challenge makes it more likely that you are plead out to a much lesser offense. There are many ways to create a defense against a DUI, and a DWI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD is capable of creating it.

Don’t lose your driving privileges over a one-time mistake. Instead, consult with a lawyer for help with your citation. Even though a drivers license is considered a privilege, not a right, you are still able to fight to keep it in your possession.

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