How a Dentist in Waikiki Deals with Genetic Diseases of the Teeth

Most people think that the dental health solely depends on the dental practices that they adopt. Well, while having good dental hygiene is the key towards maintaining good teeth for a long time, there are other preconditions that make some people more vulnerable to dental health complications than others. Below are a few of the genetic conditions that cause dental anomalies and how a Dentist in Waikiki deals with these conditions.

Having small and discolored teeth

The medical term for this condition is amelogenesis imperfecta. In this condition, a genetic mutation occurs, hindering the growth of normal healthy teeth. The result is a person having teeth that are abnormally small and discolored. The teeth will also look like they are pitted or grooves and will be very susceptible to wearing down or breaking. There is nothing that can be done to promote the growth of healthy teeth to individuals that have this condition; however, there are certain procedures that can improve the way a person’s teeth look.

* Veneers, crowns and bonding can be used to cover the small and disfigured teeth. This will at least give the person a chance at having a beautiful smile.

* In case the mutation only makes the teeth susceptible to staining, the dentist can recommend a chair side bleaching procedure to remove the discoloration.

Having loose, discolored and weak teeth

People that have genetically weak bone development also suffer from this condition. Medically, the condition is known as dentinogenesis imperfecta. The common symptoms of this weakness include having small yellow teeth, having teeth that are susceptible to fractures and breakages and generally weak teeth. Also, the teeth will take an abnormally long time to come in, and when they do, they may not be well aligned. For this condition:

* The dentist will recommend dental brackets to deal with crooked teeth.

* They may also recommend the use of fillings and veneers to strengthen weak teeth.

A competent dentist in Waikiki knows that the dental health issues are not always brought by poor dental hygiene. They therefore take time and try to figure out the best treatment for all types of dental disorders. For more information and to get a dental appointment, go to

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