Hiring a Nevada Board Up Company to Protect Your Home or Property

 It is really hard for anyone to predict disasters, and they usually occur when they are least expected. From fire damage and storm damage to tornados, theft, or vandalism, things happen that could deem your property unsafe. If your property is a hazard to others in the general vicinity, then health inspectors in your local community may require that you board the area up, until it can be repaired. This is for the safety of the people who are nearby, and for your protection, since insurance may not cover accidents that occur on the property if you have not taken appropriate precautionary measures to ensure that no one can get hurt. Boarding the area up will ensure that people will not be able to enter the premises without your permission.

Why Board Ups are Necessary

When you experience damage to your home, you should consider contacting a professional board up company. Most locksmith companies provide a range of security and board up services, in addition to lock work. Fires are the most common reason for board ups. Even simple things such as leaving a curling iron turned on or spilling grease on the stove by accident can cause a fire. When a home or building causes on fire, the windows are usually blown out from the intense heat and pressure. Boardups in Reno, NV, are relatively affordable, so you will need to call one of these professionals usually within 24 hours of the fire occurring. People are curious by nature, so if you don’t board the area up, then they will try to gain access to look around. This is dangerous, so you need to prevent them from being able to get inside.

The Process of Boarding Up

Boarding up windows, doors, and other entry points of your home will mostly likely be done with plywood. The company will measure and cut the wood right on site in most cases, so the job will only take a couple of hours at the most. You could of course board up the windows yourself, but this is just a hassle you probably won’t want to deal with after having your possessions destroyed by fire. Insurance companies may pay to have this process completed, but the terms will vary from one company to the next.

The Lock & Glass Shop provides board ups in Reno, NV and the surrounding areas. They have been in business for over 30 years.

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