Help Your Car “Breathe” Easy: Smog Repair In Cameron Park, CA

Keeping the world around us as healthy and pollutant free as possible is everyone’s responsibility. Not only must we take steps to help reduce waste and lessen our drain on resources by recycling, but the air we breathe must also be kept as clean as possible. One of the biggest offenders that contribute to a reduction in air quality is vehicle pollution. In California, and especially in the Los Angeles and Cameron Park areas, taking the added precaution of ensuring the vehicle you drive is operating within safe limits is a necessary step towards keeping the air we all breathe as clean as possible. Smog testing once per year helps avoid un-necessary pollution caused by the vehicles we rely on everyday.

Smog is defined as atmospheric pollutants(smoke) mixed with fog. The combination of the naturally occurring fog, typically in early morning hours, with the output from combustion engines, machinery and even fireplace flumes has become a rapidly increasing problem since the Industrial Revolution. Without question, the widespread usage of automobiles has dramatically increased instances of smog in heavily populated areas such as California. Because of this, laws are in place to annually inspect the millions of vehicles in operation each day to help ensure the lowest possible amount of pollution is being produced. Much like factories, safe ranges for pollution production must be upheld. In the occasion a vehicle fails to meet these, there are several repair shops that specialize in smog repair in Cameron Park CA.

Several preventative measures can be taken to pass a smog test, and most fall in line with proper vehicle maintenance. Regularly scheduled oil changes, servicing a vehicle when required and even maintaining proper tire inflation levels can all help lessen the amount of pollutants it produces. Should your vehicle fail, the testing facility can help guide to a repair shop that deals regularly in smog repair, or your personal mechanic can help correct the issues prior to retesting. Whether it is a simple sensor failure or a major component of the exhaust system that causes a vehicle to fail, your technician will help to quickly get you back on the road worry-free!

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