Heavy Equipment Movers in Dallas

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Moving and Relocating

Moving heavy equipment takes a lot of planning, packing, rigging, special equipment, and experienced movers. Not to mention breaking down the equipment, and then re-assembling it once it reaches its final destination. Depending on the type of machinery, it will need to be aligned, calibrated, and tested. The process is the same for one piece as it is for an entire facility. Equipment Movers in Dallas have 35 years experience in specializing in completing such tasks. They have trained staff who can handle all aspects of the logistics safely and efficiently. There are craters, riggers, painters, movers, erectors, laser technicians, and many types of equipment to do the job across industries.

HVAC, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical are just a few of the industries that have utilized services. Equipment Movers in Dallas have several locations in Texas, but have also relocated facilities in other parts of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Having so many professionals available in one place, saves time and money for businesses when it comes time to move machinery. Rigging and equipment moving services can include single item relocation, machine disassemble and set up, nationwide rigging, and turnkey facility relocation. Transportation services include hot shot delivery, container transport, heavy hauling, air ride trucks, and specialized trailers.

To further help with the logistics of such a move, there are several pieces of equipment that are available for rent. Rental includes an operator for the machinery. Forklifts are available with capacities of four thousand pounds to eighty thousand pounds. Boomlifts can handle three thousand to sixty thousand pounds. Air skates, air ride trailers for sensitive loads, and hydraulic tiltbed trucks and trailers are all available, if needed. A hydraulic gantry and a 900 ton unified jacking system round out the equipment available to rent.

Moving services are only one aspect of services offered. Technicians and millwrights and technicians are available to provide retro-fitting and press services. Skills and supplies are ready to repair, maintain, re-calibrate, and retrofit any type of lathes, mills, brakes, shears, and iron works. 24/7 emergency services are available to keep factories and manufacturing facilities operating through all three shifts. Minimize down time and keep machinery working smoothly by having it maintained y professionals.

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