Handy Tips For Using Snow Mobile Groomers

Whether you are in charge of organizing volunteers or training guides, family members, or friends to use snow mobile groomers there are some important facts and techniques that everyone should know.

By using these techniques, tips and guidelines you will get the most out of your snow mobile groomers even if there are several different people that will be sharing the task of grooming the trails. If there are a lot of people taking on this role ensuring that the entire group understands not only the techniques but also the reasons they are important for top trails will be important.

Have a Plan

It is important to have a plan of attack when using snow mobile groomers on any private or public trail. You want to approach the grooming from both a logical standpoint to ensure you get the entire trail covered as well as know when grooming of the trails is required.

Often the mistake is made to just groom when the trails are breaking down. However, if you haven’t routinely groomed from the start of the season you don’t have a base or foundation of packed snow and it is hard to get trails back into shape. Develop a structured approach based on the amount of use, amount of snowfall, and even the weather conditions.

Teach Driving Skills

If you are teaching others to use snow mobile groomers you will need to teach them how to drive with the groomer attached. This is not a job for a novice snowmobiler as there are issues that need to be carefully considered.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for speed when pulling the groomer and to not exceed the maximum, even on great trail conditions. Likewise it is essential to stress that slowing down and going at a controlled, safe speed is going to provide a better trail.

One big mistake to avoid is to have people that are pulling the snow mobile groomers go off to the side of the trail after a foundation has been built. Not only will this create soft areas along the side of the trail but this can be a big problem on corners for the safety of snowmobile drivers that come after the grooming has been completed.

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