Guide to Wedding Tablecloths

Shopping for wedding tablecloths is just one of the many things you’ll need to accomplish if you’re planning and organizing your own wedding. Given the slew of things you need to do, here are top things to make it easier to find what you need.

Look for reputable options

Shop at reliable online sources. The last thing you want is to fall for a shop that’s going to send you items far different from the ones posted on the product pages. With plenty of horror stories about shopping online, being wise about your options can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Consider all materials

The usual options include linen and cotton. That’s because both are sturdy and absorbent. But there are slews of other materials that may be better suited to your wedding, especially given your theme and colors. Explore all possible options before you decide.

Go for something simple

You don’t have to overload your table with a ton of items to create the perfect reception space. A simple, gauzy covering with light pots of manzanita branches can very well do the trick.

Play with sequins

Sequined wedding tablecloths can add a dash of charm, elegance, and romance to the event. If you want something more feminine, then think about swapping those plain options with sequined ones.

Size it up

Consider the size of the cloth. It won’t work if your tablecloths are much, much shorter than your tables. Carefully measure the tables and check table size guides to know the right size, Bridal Musings says.

Check out prints and embellishments

This is another way to bring your tables to life. If you love playing with textures, prints, and colors, then you may want to consider these tabletop covers as well. Your choice could add an entirely different dimension to your tables.

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