Great Video Equipment Rentals

When you are in need of a video equipment rental Orange County, you can count on us. We have a wide range of options in order to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Whether you need to hold a seminar for your employees or you are putting on a big production show for hundreds of guests, we are prepared to help you.

Our video equipment includes projectors, screens, monitors and more. We can integrate it with sound equipment for a full sensory experience. We maintain all of the video equipment so that it performs to the highest of standards. You will not have to worry about image distortion or words and images getting out of sync. If you need a device to pair with your iPhone and show videos and images from your phone, we can set you up with the right equipment. If you need projection screens so that people sitting far away can see you or what you are doing, we have those, too.

We can set everything up for you and take it down. We can also deliver the equipment to you so that you can do your own setup. Another option is for you to pick up the equipment, do the setup yourself and return the equipment to us. You will get a great deal every time.

Our affordable video equipment rental Orange County allows you to get what you need when you need it. The convenience of renting the equipment means that you do not have to worry about maintaining it or finding a place to store it when it is not in use. For more information, give us at Pacific West Sound a call today. You may also visit the website for additional details and specifications of our video equipment.

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