Great Fundraising Ideas: Think Outside the Box

If your club or team has fundraised in the past, there’s a good chance you’ve sold something edible at some point. Food fundraisers can be great, but they’re fading in popularity. Unfortunately, many people don’t want to do their grocery shopping through a fundraising program, and they’re passing on overly sugary or calorie-ridden treats. While you may have experienced success in the past, it might be time to try on some new ideas. There are some great fundraising ideas out there, and their selection of practical and useful products has made them popular with customers of all ages.

High Quality Products
Among some of the great fundraising ideas now on the market, reusable totes, bags and accessories have proven to be one of the most popular. Companies that offer these kind of products in fundraising programs ensure high quality and practicality throughout their product line. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your spouse or your kids – you’ll find that every member of the family can benefit from quality lunch totes, home organization products and even travel items like garment bags.

Contribute to Your Cause
These great fundraising ideas prove to be so successful simply because they offer products that consumers would likely purchase anyways. Instead of heading to their local big box retailer, your friends and family members can find products that they genuinely need and will use through your fundraiser. By placing their order, they’ll get an item that they’ll love while simultaneously supporting your organization. It’s a win/win for everyone involved, and that should make both the buyer and seller feel great about the transaction.

Raise More Money
When your customers WANT to buy the products you’re offering through your fundraiser, the person that benefits in the long run is you! By placing orders for higher amounts and for more items, you’ll be able to quickly and easily raise the funds you need for your group, club or team. Whether it’s going towards an upcoming trip or a big event for everyone to enjoy – you’ll be making a smart choice by opting for one of these modern fundraisers over traditional options.

Mixed Bag Designs offers great fundraising options for teams, clubs and groups of all sizes. With flexible options and fantastic products that range from garment bags to reusable totes, there’s truly something for everyone!

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