Give your special friends a great surprise with personalized birthday gifts India

Birthdays are special occasions to most and we love celebrating our birthdays in a unique way. There are a couple of items (such as books, coffee mugs, deodorants, pen drives and the likes) which are popular as birthday gifts because they are gender neutral and are appreciated by all. If you have a special friend’s birthday coming up, why not give a spin to the traditional gift items. Personalized birthday gifts India are a great idea because it allows you to add your touch to popular gift items.

What are the popular personalized birthday gifts India?

There are many items which are popular as personalized birthday gifts India because they look cool, are portable and speak oodles of your friendship and bond of years. You can collect photos of your favourite moments together to create a collage and then use it to print it on an item. Some of the popular personalized gifts that you can give on birthdays are:

1. Printed Coffee Mugs Coffee mugs are one of the most popular gifts among youngsters and you can add your own spin to it by printing it with photos of you both together. You can also get quotations from your other friends to be printed on these coffee mugs rather than photographs. If you have limited photographs to be printed on the mug, then you can opt for some templates available on the internet to print your coffee mugs with. These templates have some special messages on them along with markings where photographs can be filled in.

2. Cushions- You can print a collage of photos with your friends on cushions as they look smart. Whenever you friend cuddles the cushion, she will be reminded of you and the fun times spent. You can also opt for a heart shaped cushion if you are gifting it to your partner.

3. Paper weights- Paper weights are an important item around the house and your friend would really like it if you give him/her a paper weight printed with a photo of you both.

Ordering personalized birthday gifts India online

You can now get personalized birthday gifts India online from the large catalogues uploaded on You can also design your own mugs or other products on the site and then place an order for it. No matter where you are, the gift that you have ordered will be delivered at your doorstep.

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