Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Glass Aquariums In New York

Watching fish swim in a glass aquarium is both relaxing and enjoyable. When you have an aquarium, it’s important for the health of your fish that you keep the tank clean by performing regular maintenance. If you can’t clean your own fish tank, contact an experienced company that cleans and maintains Glass Aquariums in New York to do the job for you. Below you’ll learn the answers to commonly asked questions about aquarium maintenance.

Q.) What is the best way to clean the outside of a glass aquarium?

A.) Glass cleaners contain chemicals that can harm your fish if you spray them too close to the tank. To keep your fish safe while you clean the outside of the tank, just use warm water and a soft cleaning cloth to clean the outside glass.

Q.) Is there an easy way to clean algae off the inside of the tank without removing the fish?

A.) When you see algae starting to grow on the inside of your glass aquarium, you can easily clean it off without disturbing your fish. Use a new foam kitchen sponge to do this job and don’t put any type of soap or cleaner on the sponge. Hold the sponge in your hand and rub the sponge up and down on the side of the tank until the algae is gone. If it’s too difficult to remove the algae with a sponge, use an algae scraping tool to clean the grime off the sides of the aquarium. Be careful not to splash water out of the tank as you’re cleaning.

Q.) What causes a white residue to build up on the aquarium glass?

A.) The white specks that you see inside your aquarium are mineral deposits left behind by hard water. Not only do these deposits look unsightly on your aquarium glass, but they’re hard to clean off. Purchase a cleaner at an aquarium store or contact a company that maintains Glass Aquariums in New York to clean your aquarium for you.

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