Four Things Siding Contractors in Lexington KY Can Do For You

Many companies do not only offer one simple service. Instead, they provide a multitude of services all within range of each other. A siding company, for example, will not only work on the siding of a home. Here are four things Siding Contractors in Lexington KY can do for their customers.

Install or Repair Siding

Installation of new siding is necessary for new homes or when the original siding needs to completely be replaced. If there is a simple fix, however, the contractor can simply repair the siding instead. Both installing and repairing siding are two of the most common jobs required by a siding contractor, but definitely not the only.

Add a Guttering System

A guttering system is necessary for all homes. It will ensure all rain water is directed away from the house so it can not cause damage. A contractor will be able to add a system to any home that does not currently have one. If one is there, but it is damage, they will remove the old system and replace it with their own, more efficient model.

Build a Sun Room

Many homes have a porch of some kind, but not all of them have a covered area to enjoy. A contractor will be able to build a complete sun room where the residents can enjoy the outdoors while still remaining under a roof. Sun rooms, patio rooms, screen enclosures, and even carports can all be created by a skilled siding contractor.

Window and Door Replacement

Two important aspects of a home are the windows and doors. Old, outdated models will not only be easy to break into, but they also take away from the overall appearance of the house. Adding new windows and doors will increase the value and add to the appearance, making it look nicer than before.

Siding Contractors in Lexington KY can do a lot more than add some siding to a home. They will add windows and doors, build an entire sun room, and even add a guttering system, on top of the installation and repairing of the siding. Affordable Exteriors has a team of contractors available to meet any exterior home needs.

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