Find Your Energy and Harmony Through Shamanic Healing Techniques

The old saying “the cure is worse than the disease” holds a great deal of truth when describing modern medicine. While certain drugs may be a necessity, there are other means to achieve healing that can work in conjunction with medication. Traditional medicine has little patience for treating the emotional and spiritual side of those who are ill. There are also some diseases that are not helped by traditional methods. In these instances, spiritual healing can offer comfort and health when nothing else is able.

The practices of Shamanic Healing Techniques are based on using spiritual energy to help eliminate pain and illness from the afflicted. These techniques, often described as “new age” are actually ancient practices and are rooted in deep spiritual traditions found in cultures around the world.

The desire to grow spiritually and develop a deeper understanding of who you are is a clear sign of the direction you should take. Advancing your education in the world of Shamanic healing will help you to reach the goals you know you are capable of attaining. The right instruction is required to develop this understanding.

LightSong School of Shamanic Studies in Portland OR can help guide you down the correct path. The school is dedicated to helping all its students reach their full potential. The curriculum is designed to help you first learn to heal and to understand yourself as you learn to also use that same energy-based healing process to help heal others.

The classes offered are designed to be functional for whatever path you are on in life. There are basic workshops and classes for developing your telepathic skills, classes teaching healing, Reiki and various other shamanic healing techniques. If you feel drawn to follow this path deeper, there are Internships as well as Masters and Doctoral programs.

The school, opened in 1994, is located in Portland, Oregon. It is their mission to enable those who are called to the Shamanic practice to discover their potential and help them to bring harmony to the world. They seek to take the ancient practices and meld them with 21st century understanding to build positive energy and increase spiritual growth among everyone who enrolls.

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