Factors to Consider When Buying a New Carpet in Evanston

Buying a new carpet can be interesting. Many people do not know where to start and can get confused when making a choice. There are different types of carpets in the market today making it quite difficult to figure out what can fit your living room, bedroom or any other room perfectly. When you are knowledgeable of what you are looking for, making a decision becomes very easy. Here are some helpful ideas you should consider before buying a new carpet in Evanston.

The Quality of a Carpet

The price of a carpet determines its quality. A quality carpet should have a great pile density for improved durability and comfort. Classy carpets add value to a house from their unique designs and smartness. In turn, this makes the house lively and descent and are considered to be good investments for homeowners.


When buying a new carpet in Evanston, you should consider its stain resistance capabilities and associated warranty. You should purchase a carpet with a stain warranty, depending on the duration guaranteed by the manufacturer. A stain warranty that stretches for more than ten years is ideal for both home or office carpets. For the manufacturer to honor a carpet stain warranty, you should show proof of maintenance and regular cleaning. Therefore, you should keep receipts obtained from carpet cleaning experts that you hire from time to time. Other than stains, the manufacturer’s warranty must cover many other issues that may arise unexpectedly within the first few years of using the carpet. Remember that a long warranty period is a clear indicator that you are buying a quality carpet.

Carpet Style

People have different inclinations when it comes to home decor. As a result, you should consider specific features when shopping for a carpet. For example, loop carpets are not recommended for pet owners since pet nails can easily break the loops creating pulls. Pile thickness of the carpet also plays an important role in determining its thickness which in turn decides what you need for your home. Lastly, consider the room where the carpet will be used to settle for a style that best suits it. If you talk to experts like American Carpet Distributors and follow these ideas, you can be assured of finding the best carpet.

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