Eyewitnesses and the Car Accident Attorney in Corona, CA

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When many people end up in auto accidents, they often believe it is enough to have eyewitness accounts from passengers in their own vehicles. Unfortunately, fellow passengers are not a good source of unbiased testimony. Those who are involved in car accidents need to look for independent eyewitnesses instead. Those who are strangers to both the plaintiff and the defendant are much more useful to the car accident attorney in Corona, CA as independent eyewitnesses.

An independent eyewitness can be very helpful to accident lawyers. It is very important for clients of the car accident attorney in Corona, CA to get contact information of eyewitnesses who were at the scene. Once eyewitnesses leave the scene of the accident, it is nearly impossible to find them again. That is why clients need to remember to get contact information. A great way to get information quickly is to get permission to take a picture of the driver’s license belonging to the eyewitness. Then enter the phone number into the cell phone contact list.

Ideally, clients of the car accident attorney in Corona, CA will hire as soon as possible after the accident. Promptly seeking legal counsel is important when there is an eyewitness that can help with the case. Most people forget the details of an auto accident they witnessed within a few days. As more details are forgotten, the testimony becomes less useful. After a couple of months, the eyewitness may not remember enough to be of much use due to not remembering many of the details. That is why it is important to interview eyewitnesses as soon as possible.

Due to the increasing use of video surveillance, it is possible that the accident may have been captured by video cameras. If the accident lawyer finds out that there may be a nearby video camera that has captured the accident, the evidence will be subpoenaed. For example, there may be traffic cameras installed by the local city, county, or state authorities that recorded the accident. Nearby businesses may have cameras that can see the street. In some ways, a video camera is a better eyewitness than a person. That is why auto accident lawyers like to find out if there is video surveillance near the scene of the accident. Click here to learn more about what an auto accident attorney can do for victims of car accidents.

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