Ensure Your Safety When Driving on Ice – Brake Repair in Minneapolis Is a Priority

Regularly checking your brakes and making brake repair in Minneapolis a priority is not only important for your safety but for the safety of others when driving over snow and ice or any type of pavement. The brakes need to be regularly inspected as they are used quite a lot during driving. In Minneapolis, brake servicing is a major repair. This is because pumping the brakes and employing them on icy and snow-covered roadways are done more frequently than in other locales.

Brake Safety Awareness

Brake Safety Awareness Month occurs every year in August. However, you need to have your brakes inspected a couple times per year to ensure your safety. In fact, when it comes to automotive safety, the brakes are top on the list of auto repairs. Therefore, you also need to know the warning signs of malfunctioning brakes.

Clues That Indicate a Problem with Your Brakes

The Car Care Council advises that drivers take note of the seven clues that the brakes need to be inspected or repaired.

  • Vibration – If your brake pedal pulses even during normally braking, you need to have your brakes inspected.
  • Pulling – If your car tends to veer to one side while the brakes are used, then having the brakes inspected should not be delayed.
  • Noise – Any “complaints” made by your brakes should be checked out – noises may include grinding, clicking or screeching.
  • Low Pedal – If the pedal for the brake almost touches the floor before it is engaged, it definitely is a sign that a brake repair is in order.
  • Hard Pedal – If you have to apply additional pressure to the brake pedal before it is engaged, again, the brakes need to be inspected and repaired.
  • Dashboard Warning – If the brake light comes on when you are driving, then you need to have your brakes looked at by a mechanic.
  • Grabbing – If the brakes grab when you slightly touch the pedal, it is time to inspect your brakes.

Factors That Affect Brake Wear

Brakes on a car are just one of those typical items that wear out, and ultimately you will need brake repair or replacement. Factors that can impact the wear of the brake include the habits of the driver, the type of vehicle, the operating and road conditions and the lining material that is used in the manufacture of a brake.

Regular Inspections Are a Must

Again, it is not a good idea to drive in inclement weather, or even in good weather, and not regularly inspect your brakes. Especially, in Minneapolis, where snow and ice are often constant in winter, it is essential to have your brakes assessed and any repairs made. Don’t wait until you experience any of the above-listed indicators before you decide to have your brakes inspected or repaired.

Brakes on a car are just one of those typical items that wear out, and ultimately you will need brake repair or replacement. Visit us online for more details.

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