Enjoying Candy and Your CBD/THC Derivatives at the Same Time

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Business

There are so many different forms and derivatives of edible marijuana products out there. How do you know what to consume if you have never partaken before? One of those forms is candy, which sounds absolutely divine, and it is. Better still is the Delta-8 derivative. D8 candy delivers some unique pleasures other products do not.

Great Tasting Candy Products with Next to No Aftertaste

If you have done your homework, or you have tried other “edibles”, you may have found that CBD or marijuana edibles have that funny aftertaste. It hits the back of your palate right after you have swallowed and enters your nasal cavities in a way that doesn’t always jive with everyone. With D8 candy, that really isn’t the case. The various candies taste every bit as delicious and enticing as they look, but with next to no aftertaste at all. Try the candy clusters or hard candy that involve so much sweetness it’s hard to tell if you are eating Delta-8 at all.

A Body High Instead of a Head High

Most other edibles on the market using an MJ formula of some kind give you a head high. Your brain gets all light and foggy and stays that way for hours while your body feels like it’s just drifting along. With D8, your body feels so light, but your head is less foggy. You can think and act more clearly without some of the more obvious physical side effects of other edibles on the market.

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