Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs: Creating Your own Unique Ring

There was once a time when engagement rings in Colorado Springs were almost always diamonds. While this sparkling gem is still one of the most popular options for future brides, it is not the only choice couples are now making. Here are some other gemstones and design ideas soon-to-be engaged couples should consider when they begin visiting local jewelry stores.

The Color of Passion

When you think of passion, love and desire, red is a color people often associate with those emotions. This is what makes red a clever and appropriate gem for engagement rings. There are many different jewels which can be purchased in red. Tourmaline, garnet and ruby are three of the best known varieties of gems available in brilliant reds.

Celebrate Your Spirituality

Blue stones like sapphires are often considered representations of spirituality and purity. They can represent a fresh, happy beginning and are a great option for anyone who is looking for an elegant and meaningful ring.

Reaffirm Your Commitment

Green is a color which symbolizes eternity and faithfulness. This means emeralds and green garnets are perfect for couples pledging their undying love to each other.

Create a Couples Ring

Birthstones are important to many people, which makes them the perfect choice for an engagement ring. By selecting a setting which will combine both the prospective bride and groom’s stones, it becomes a meaningful piece symbolizing the uniting of two as one.

Diamonds as Accents

In this instance, it is possible to have it all. Couples can easily have rings custom-designed to include, not just the colored gem of their choice, but diamonds as well. This popular practice is continuing to grow because diamonds work so beautifully with any other gem. They even pair well with pearls, a delicate and unique option which is also being seen more frequently today.

Whatever the engagement rings in Colorado Springs appeal most to you, find a top-quality jeweler first. This will ensure you are able to have the best stones available and the largest selection of settings. Take the time to pick exactly what pleases you the most. This way your ring, like your relationship, can be designed to last a lifetime.

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