Employee Rights Under Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Charles, MO

Worker’s Compensation laws were created to help encourage safer working conditions. They also were designed to compensate them for injuries which occur in the workplace and illnesses which are directly related to their employment. This payment is in the form of covering lost wages as well as to pay for the costs of medical treatment for those injuries and illnesses.

worker’s compensation insurance in Charles MO covers employees of a specific company. It is not an insurance which covers independent contractors working with another company that has coverage or cover those people who work for small companies that are not legally required to carry the insurance.

Employees who choose to accept the benefits offered by a compensation claim need to be aware that by accepting these benefits, they are waiving their right to sue their employer at a later date for the incident which caused their injury.

In an investigation, either by a state agency or an independent one, the coverage the employee is given is not determined by fault. If the employee performed an action which caused their injury, they are still eligible to receive the same benefits they would have received otherwise.
However, this does not mean employees are covered regardless of their actions. They must still be in the process of doing their job in order to be eligible for benefits. They also need to report all of their injuries and accidents immediately following the incident.

worker’s compensation insurance in Charles MO will cover the employer’s cost of examinations for employees injured on the job, although most will restrict what doctor is used. Employees should be aware that choosing to attend their own doctor, rather than the approved one could result in the cost of their visit being not being covered.

All employees should make sure their workers are aware of the coverage they have as well as what to do if an accident occurs. Employers should also attempt to reduce their insurance costs by making their workplace as safe as possible and providing adequate training and supervision throughout their workplace.

Details about compensation payments, rates and rules are available from state and federal labor boards. Anyone who feels they have not been treated fairly in a compensation case should contact an attorney for a consultation.

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