Electrical Wiring and Proper Earthing

If you are like the average person, you do not understand the importance of the ground as it relates to Electrical Wiring. Electricity carries currents, but the earthing does not. This is why our grounding plays an important role in wiring projects. Proper wiring to the earth reduces the chances of electrical shock and electrocution occurring. There are other reasons this is necessary too, but it all boils down to safety.

One of the key points in electrical safety is understanding the basics of how electrical shocks occur. The professionals know this in advance, but as a consumer, you need to know to for your own safety. This phenom happens when people or animals come into contact with live conductors. The electrical currents travel through bodies, and in essence the person or pet becomes a live circuit. The process happens very quickly, and it can cause death.

Keep in mind that earth does not carry electrical currents, but water is an electrical conductor. This is why people should use prudent care when they are moving around after a severe storm that has caused property damages. For example, after a tornado or flood has occurred. Wiring can be exposed. There may also be water damage left behind. Coming into contact with wires and water could cause electrical shock because the exposed wires are often no longer earthed correctly. This is one reason why storm affected areas are often proclaimed as disaster areas due to the risk to people’s safety.

If you hear buzzing noises or experience other issues that indicate an Electrical Wiring issue, you need to take them serious. This is because you may have an issue that can result in a fire or electrical shock. There is also a possibility that you will have a power surge, which can damage appliances and electronics.

Able Electrical Services provides electrical services to residential and commercial clients. They are a good resource to use for electrical repairs and wiring projects. You may need to have your property rewired, but they can also assist with wiring additions or new properties. The company offers free estimates which can help you to know that you are indeed getting a good value for the services you need. Get in touch with us for more INFO!

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