DUI Attorneys in Long Beach – How to Minimize DUI Charges

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Lawyers

At one time, driving under the influence (DUI) penalties was not as severe. Drivers would receive a slap on the risk and a warning to not do it again. Nowadays, DUI convictions result in fines, incarceration and loss of driver’s license. However, DUI Attorneys in Long Beach can help with minimizing penalties associated with getting pulled over for driving under the influence.

DUI is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly. People who continue to drive under the influence will get repeat offenses and more serious charges. Some people can make matters worse when being pulled over by being rude to the officer. It is important to enter a polite mindset from the moment you see the headlights behind your vehicle.

A Criminal Defense Attorney can make the difference between getting a dismissal and a conviction with a severe sentence. It helps to find one that practice in criminal and DUI cases. Other lawyers do not understand the details of DUI laws as a lawyer that practice in that area on a regular basis.

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If you do not have a defense that will help with winning the case, then you want to ask the prosecutor to reduce the charges. Deferral of prosecution is another option and available in some states. When a case gets deferred, the judge set conditions for the defendant to follow. Example conditions are doing community service, paying fines, and alcohol counseling. If you satisfy the conditions, then the charges are dismissed and come off the defendant’s record.

Many states offer special programs to rehabilitate repeat DUI offenders. People who choose to participate and complete the program may get a reduced sentence. The programs can minimize the amount of jail time that you serve, but it takes commitment to complete. There is also the possibility of only getting probabtion.

If you have more than one charge of driving under the influence, then you may have a driving problem. It helps to seek help because the judge usually chooses certain candidates to enter these programs. DUI Attorneys in Long Beach has experience and knows the process for getting a reduced sentence.

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