Drafty Windows? Install Replacement Windows in Colorado Springs, CO

There are many reasons that homeowners decide that it’s time to install Replacement Windows in Colorado Springs CO. They may want to update the exterior of their home, reduce the time and money it takes to maintain their windows, or make their home more energy efficient. It’s important for them to select a window installation company that carries all of the major window brands such as Anderson, Marvin, Milgard, and Windsor. That will give the customer the widest selection of quality windows to choose from.

Window design and materials have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Wood window frames have been almost completely replaced with vinyl and fiberglass frames. Vinyl and fiberglass don’t absorb moisture they way wood does. During the warm months, water soaks into the wood frame. When the cold Colorado winter arrives, the water freezes and expands the window frame. Come spring, the water melts and the frame contracts. Over the years, these expansions and contractions weaken the seal between the house and window. When Replacement Windows in Colorado Springs CO are made from vinyl or fiberglass, it guarantees that there will be fewer drafts.

Paint is incorporated into all the layers of vinyl and fiberglass wood frames. The homeowner will never have to worry about climbing a tall ladder to scrape and repaint their window frames. These come in many different colors, so the homeowner won’t have any trouble finding a color to match their existing siding and trim. They will also never have to climb a ladder to clean the outside of their windows either. Modern Replacement Windows in Colorado Springs CO are designed to be cleaned from the inside. The homeowner can just tilt the window or swing it inside to easily reach the outside of the pane.

Milgard Windows and Doors incorporate all of these modern features. Their energy-efficient windows have several layers of glass to keep the interior temperature of the home comfortable. There can be between two and four layers of glass separated by a gas for insulation. In addition to keeping the house temperature stable, they also keep in much quieter. Homeowners have a variety of styles to choose from.

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