Double Doors Add Elegance, Unique Style and Fine Quality to Your Home

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You have worked hard to achieve the great lifestyle you now enjoy. You have created a comfortable and happy home for yourself and your family. You have raised your children and put them through college. You have put in the time and effort in managing and accruing the results of the lifetime dreams you had built for yourself. Now you would like to create an entrance to your home that matches your style. Nothing does this quite like the elegance of double doors in a large and beautiful entrance.

Many Styles and Designs Available in Breathtaking Exterior Doors
Double doors that contain glass are also called French Doors. French doors originated in France during the Renaissance period and began as windows that reached to the floor and opened out onto small balconies. The purpose of these windows was to let a maximum amount of sunlight into the home for a longer period of the day at a time before electricity. The Renaissance style focused on geometry, symmetry, and proportion. The light allowed by these window-doors provided a sense of openness, structure, and beauty. Eventually, the doors grew in size (as did the balconies) and became the beautiful doors still enjoyed in many homes of today.

What are the Options Available in Double Doors?
With many unique and different types of wood, colors, and options, double doors can express the personal taste of those who choose them for their entrances. Mahogany and alder in various colors and textures provide quality and beauty in their selection. The wood species can be as exotic as sapele wood, an African wood prized for its hardness and interesting texture. This wood is a reddish-brown color which darkens and becomes richer over time. It is also used as beautiful flooring in discriminating homes and is wood-crafted into fine furniture. Once you have decided which wood to use, other options to consider are the shape of the door, incorporating glass of etched texture or simple lines, and the use of sidelights or transoms to accentuate the wood grains.

Select a Quality Door Contractor to Help You Design a One-of-a-Kind Door
Because you have a sense of business and expect the most from those who provide services for your home and family, you will be most comfortable working with an expert door contractor who can present you with all the options and make suggestions to fit your needs. This contractor will provide the quality and workmanship along with excellent service during the entire process of selecting and installation of your new entrance doors. Integrity and follow-through by their representative will make this a satisfying transaction and will guarantee a beautiful finished product.

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