Don’t Face DWI Charges Without A Lawyer In Royse City TX

Being charged with driving while intoxicated is not a minor matter. Even if you didn’t actually hurt anyone in the process, the stigma carried by a conviction for this charge can follow you for years. Drunk driving has gathered such a bad reputation that you may find that people judge you for the rest of your life if you allow yourself to end up on record as someone who is guilty of this crime. Rather than just go down without a fight, you should hire a lawyer Royse City TX who can fight for you.

If you are convicted, the penalties are significant. You can lose your Texas Driver’s License, which may very well make it difficult or impossible to hold a job depending on whether you live in a location where public transit is accessible. Even if you can keep the ability to drive, it is likely that the insurance company is going to demand a much higher premium to hold onto your coverage. You may also have to pay large fines and court costs, and perhaps also a driver’s license surcharge that could be anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. In an extreme case, you could even face jail time.

If you have a lawyer Royse City TX on your side, you might not have to deal with all of this. Sometimes, an attorney can get a case completely dismissed. For example, they may be able to challenge the evidence that was used to bring charges against you. If that happens, it may be possible to completely eliminate your arrest record and fingerprints, so it will be as if nothing ever happened. Even if they can’t do this much, they may be able to have the charge reduced to one that will have much less of a negative impact on your future.

You don’t necessarily have to have a lot of money to hire a lawyer Royse City TX. They can charge affordable rates, and some even have a flat fee for dealing with DWI cases. You can even arrange for a payment plan if you don’t have all of the money ready to pay the bill immediately.

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