Different Approaches In Malibu Rehab Programs

There are two basic options for any person with an addiction program to choose for treatment. One is the Malibu rehab programs run on an outpatient basis, and the other is the inpatient option.

Both have their strong points as well as their potential weaknesses. However, by working with one of the top Malibu rehab programs the weaknesses can be mitigated and the strengths of the programs brought front and center based on a case by case basis.

Keep in mind both in and outpatient Malibu rehab programs will use different treatment models and therapeutic interventions. Some are based on the 12 Step Program while others are designed around a holistic or whole person approach to treatment.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment can be successful and allow the patient to stay in the comfort of their own home and even to continue to work full or part-time during treatment. This can help reduce the cost of the treatment, as well as concerns about the lack of income during treatment. Often if the individual has a strong support network and the family is working with the treatment program this is an ideal situation.

However, there are significant challenges to these types of Malibu rehab programs. The individual will have to be able to avoid specific triggering situations, people, and events. In some cases, and if the spouse, partner or family member is codependent or also a user, outpatient is very difficult. The addict also has to be committed to attending all group and individual sessions, which can be more difficult with the family and work commitments and expectations still in place.

Inpatient Treatment

Attending inpatient Malibu rehab programs is the most effective for most people as they are in a structured environment without the same triggers as they had in the environment where they were using. The entire program manages these issues for the person in recovery, allowing them to participate fully in all individual and group sessions without having to worry about daily tasks and chores not related to recovery.

Some Malibu rehab programs have an executive or professionals inpatient treatment as well. These programs are somewhat of a hybrid, allowing patients extended time to conduct business while staying in the treatment facility. This can be an ideal option to continue to work on a modified basis while enjoying the benefits of a full inpatient recovery program.

At Seasons In Malibu, we offer outpatient as well as inpatient Malibu rehab programs. We also have an executive or professionals program designed to allow patients to continue to work on a modified schedule. To see more visit us at www.seasonsmalibu.com.

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