Design Ideas for Your Walls Using Tiles of Multiple Colors and Shapes

If you want to add texture to areas of the walls in rooms of your home, such as the bathroom or the kitchen, then consider backsplash tiles. These are tiles that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are usually easy to place on the wall and can often be easily removed if you want to change the details.

Stay Focused

Before you consider this design, consider a company that installs backsplash tile in Whitby that can carefully measure the area for the tiles and use the proper materials so that they will stay in place. You want to try to create a focal point, which is something a professional company can assist with instead of randomly placing the tiles on the wall. The company can also assist with choosing colors and designs that blend well with the other details in the room.


When choosing the tiles to use, consider mixing and matching the colors. You can then create a pattern with the colors that you pick. However, only two or three would be good to use for a design that you create so that there aren’t too many colors to look at in one area. Limited colors also make it easier to blend the tiles with other designs in the room, such as curtains or the paint on the cabinets.

A Larger Space

If you want the room to appear larger, then place a line of backsplash around the entire room. A company that works with backsplash tile in Whitby can offer suggestions about the width of the tiles that should be placed depending on the other details on the wall and how much space you’re trying to cover. Consider changing the direction of the tiles that are used to create a textured appearance, which can also make the room appear larger as well.

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