Dental Implants: Reasons, Cost Expectations and More

Getting full mouth implants in Reston can help you improve the quality of your smile. Read on to know more about this cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Reasons to get implants

If you’re tired of having missing teeth and you don’t want to go for bridges or dentures that only result in long-term damage to the surrounding teeth, then implants are the perfect solution for you. Unlike dentures, that may be uncomfortable if not downright painful to wear, implants feel and work like your real teeth. Implants also make it much easier for you to eat, which is just one of the many reasons why more and more people prefer implants over dentures.

How to get implants

Look for a dental care provider that offers full mouth implants in Reston as part of its services. Make sure you do your homework. Go over the background of the dentist. Get important details like: how many years has the practice been around? What kind of treatments does the dentist specialize in? How long will it take?

Determine the cost

Find out how much the procedure will cost you. Remember, though, that the implant refers to the artificial root that is fused to your jawbone, as explained by Colgate. Once that’s done, the dentist can put fake teeth in place. Because of the nature of the surgery, you can expect costs to be high for this treatment.

Know what to expect

Before you go for implants, make sure you know what to expect. For instance, with proper care and maintenance, your implants can last you for years. That makes it an ideal long-term option. By choosing to have implants, you may actually be saving yourself in costs.

Deal with missing teeth problems with implants. To get full mouth implants in Reston, call Cascades Center for Dental Health and set an appointment today.

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