Continue Your Education

If your career seems to be stuck, it may be time to return to school and advance your education. We offer a master in architecture degree that may be the step that you need in order to advance yourself personally and professionally in the career that you love. Our master’s degree program sets you up to move into a management position or open your own architectural design firm.

The coursework in our architecture master’s degree program is challenging yet satisfying. You will be able to hone in on an area of expertise, such as green design or residential development. In addition to delving deep into architectural design, you will also learn more about the science of architecture and the business of the industry. These additional areas of study make it possible for you to do more.

The faculty of our program is a team of experienced architects who are passionate about the field and about teaching. Each faculty member makes time to meet with students. The faculty at our educational institution also creates additional learning and development opportunities for master’s degree students.

As a student in our master’s degree of architecture program, you will have access to internships with local architectural firms. We also have opportunities for students to learn through work at nationwide architectural firms and companies that are international. All of these experiences come together in order to facilitate a full and lively educational experience that will lead you to success.

When you are considering the continuation of your education, turn to us at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Our master in architecture degree could be a big boost in your career and personal satisfaction. Visit us online at in order to learn more about the coursework, faculty and features of this degree program.

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