Contact a Birth Injury Attorney in Houston if You Have Experienced Medical Malpractice

Having a baby is a very exciting event. The anticipation which builds over nine months that the baby grows are filled with showers, nurseries and more. In some instances, when the time has come for the baby to be born, there are complications. However, qualified doctors are trained to handle complications and should know exactly what to do in case one occurs. When something is not done correctly while the newborn is under extreme distress while in vitro, traveling through the birth canal, or possibly even after birth, injury may occur. A birth injury attorney Houston is available to help parents receive compensation if their baby dies or is permanently damaged due to negligence.

Birth trauma can relate to either the mother or the baby as having an injury during or after the birth. When the baby is in a difficult position such as being strangled by the umbilical cord, settled in a breech position (feet first), or just too big to fit in the birth canal, the doctor must make split-second decisions on the safest and best route to deliver the baby.

A doctor should know the limits of how long a baby can remain without a flow of oxygen before permanent damage is done. If a doctor becomes impatient with the movement of the baby through the canal, injuries can result from pulling too hard. Brachial Plexus, a condition where the baby’s shoulder may have been stretched farther than its natural range of motion can lead to damage of the arm, wrist and hand. Sometimes, it heals by itself, other times there may be a need for surgery or physical therapy to correct it.

The use of forceps, forcing the baby out of the canal, and waiting too late to perform a Cesarean Section causing low or no oxygen to the brain for prolonged periods are negligent acts. Therefore, if your baby suffered because of these, an attorney should be retained to help you seek compensatory damages. A child that may need special treatment for a lifetime can be very expensive.

Medical malpractice is a serious issue that needs to be corrected with the doctors that practice carelessly. The rewards from the case will not bring the child back or make up for a lifetime of difficulties, but hopefully, it will allow the family live financially as normal as possible and bring justice to the doctors who deserve it.

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