Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi Can Save Your Home

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Foundation Repair

A home’s foundation supports the entire structure. If that foundation is damaged in any way, the entire structure can suffer. While most foundations are sufficient when first installed, the potential for damage, especially with heavier soil types, is always present. When any foundation damage is noted, calling a qualified foundation repair specialist is critically important to prevent further damage.

The Concrete Foundation Repair Mississippi specialist will evaluate the problem and suggest possible solutions. First of all, a damaged foundation must be leveled and stabilized. Foundation specialists like Ewing & Ray Foundation Services Inc. will make sure that all portions of the foundation are properly repaired to allow residents to enjoy the home without worry.

Most foundation damage is caused by water. Heavy soils that are common in this region will absorb and hold water, which in turn makes the soil expand. When that expansion occurs, even concrete will quickly be damaged. To minimize the potential for future damage, the foundation repair specialist may recommend altering the drainage patterns around the home to allow water to flow away from the foundation area rather than having it soak the ground immediately around the home. In some cases, re-grading the ground around the home to create a slope that directs water away from the home may be all that is needed.

In other cases, correcting the grade may not be sufficient, and a drainage system may be recommended that better allows water to be channeled away from the structure. While this solution is somewhat expensive, it is worth the investment if it saves the home from damage.

Site stabilization may also be a recommendation for homes where significant sloping makes some sort of retaining wall a necessity. This type of solution adds aesthetic value to a home at the same time it protects the structure from potential damage. Even homes that are exhibiting signs of actually sliding down a hill can be aided by using a technique known as tie backs. Each situation must be fully evaluated by a Concrete Foundation Repair Mississippi specialist before a solution can be recommended.

Protecting the huge investment that a home represents is serious. Deal only with a foundation contractor that can demonstrate experience in dealing with the type of problem needing repair.

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