Common Reasons for Panel Replacements in Wilkes-Barre, PA

The electrical panel is the central control division for the distribution of electricity. The main power line feeds into the panel. From there, the electricity is sent to the different rooms in the household. The breakers act as safety officers who turn off the power to the room if the voltage becomes too much. This system is designed to harness the power in a very safe manner. Like all the other items in a household, they do need to be replaced on occasion. These are a few indications replacement is needed.

Old age is one of the most common reasons for Panel Replacements in Wilkes-Barre PA. Like the electrical wiring, panel deterioration will happen over time. Panels reach their old age at about ten years. Ideally, replacement should happen at the same time as the rest of the wiring. It is never a good idea to mix an old panel with new wiring.

Another common reason for panel replacement is rusting issues. While panels are covered in a protective coating, they are still composed of aluminum. If this protective coating is scratched and has been exposed to water, rusting will occur. Any type of rust in the panel can impede electrical connections creating a fire hazard in the system. Shorts in the breakers can happen if the rust gets into it.

Panel Replacements in Wilkes-Barre PA also have to be done if there has been a fire. Fires will destroy or distort the safety features. Even if it appears to be in good shape after an incident, it is not safe to use. The chances of a fire occurring again go up dramatically if the damaged panel is reused. In addition, the panel would never pass an electrical inspection. The perceived savings in money is not worth putting the entire household at risk.

The control center for the electricity requires a panel that can handle the job. Old age, rusting problems and fire damage make it impossible to keep the existing panel in service. In these cases, a full replacement is needed. Click Here for more information about getting a panel replaced or inspected for possible replacement.

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