Common Reasons For Oral Surgery In Mount Vernon IL

Oral surgery is a relatively common procedure and with the advances in medical technology it can be done in an outpatient capacity. Reasons for needing Oral Surgery in Mount Vernon IL range from facial or mouth trauma to extractions and dental implants. The most common reasons for having surgery of the mouth or jaw include wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants and exposure of unerupted teeth.

The most common reason for oral surgery is having the wisdom teeth removed. However, not everyone will need to have them removed. Indications that the wisdom teeth should be removed include pain, infection, improper eruption, or impaction. If they don’t erupt completely, food particles can become stuck under the gum line, leading to tooth decay. Impaction can damage surrounding teeth and also lead to decay from the inability to properly clean the teeth. If the mouth is small, there might not be enough room for the teeth to come in, which can also lead to further dental problems.

Having dental implants put in is another reason people have oral surgery. Implants are used to replace missing or broken teeth. They are a more permanent option than standard dentures and give the wearer a more natural appearance and lifestyle. They can either be complete sets or single teeth. This type of surgery is handled in two stages, approximately 4 to 8 months apart to allow for healing. Not everyone who wants implant will be able to get them because they require a healthy jaw bone as they are installed directly into the jaw.

If the tooth doesn’t erupt it can cause pain, infection, and difficultly eating. Exposing the tooth is done through oral surgery. Ideally, the impacted tooth can be guided into proper position without removing other teeth. However, this isn’t the case all the time and the tooth in the way may need to be removed to properly position the unerupted tooth. A chain and bracket is attached to the tooth which will slowly guide the eruption into the correct location. The gum, and occasionally bone, are removed from above the tooth to stimulate eruption. For stubborn teeth, more than one surgery may be needed to fully erupt the impacted tooth.

As the only board certified oral and facial surgeon in Effingham county, The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. is one option if you need Oral Surgery in Mount Vernon IL.

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