Choosing the Right Muslim Wedding Gown

Becoming a bride is a special moment in every woman’s life. When you are a Muslim bride, you may feel as though your options are somewhat limited when it comes to choosing your dress. This is purely because in the Western world, many bridal shops and stores cater to the needs of standard wedding dresses that American women wear, and not to the Muslim community. A Muslim wedding dress usually consists of a flowing white gown that is complete with a bridal Jilbab. EastEssence Bridal Jilbabs are said to be a key aspect of the attire. It brings the outfit together, and creates a full and complete look that any bride would be lucky to have. The wedding gown matches the head scarf in most cases. The wedding gown and scarf may consist of gem encrusted weaving and stitching, to make the wedding outfit absolutely stunning. Many brides choose to wear a Jilbab for their wedding day. It covers the face and neck, which is much better than the Burqua option, which covers everything.

The Unique Style of Jilbabs and Gowns

Most brides want their wedding attire to be gorgeous, memorable, and unique. Whether you want a simple elegant design, or something a bit more intricate with feather or diamond embellishments, the choices are vast. When a bride is selecting her attire, she should place her order well in advance if she would like for any customized work to be completed. Wedding gowns and Jilbabs come in many colors and forms. The wedding gown itself usually comes down to ankle length, as Muslims are not allowed to display flesh below the head in public. A woman can be as bold as she wants to with color and embellishments, as long as she adheres to the religious beliefs of the culture, by not showing her skin.

Choosing the Right Colors

A Muslim bridal gown may come in many colors. Some come in pure white coloring, much like a traditional wedding dress, while others come in reds and mahoganies to add depth to the dress. Sometimes colors are combined to create a stunning array of textures and designs. The red dresses usually contain deeper colored encrusted gems, while the white dresses contain clear and diamond like gems. The stitching in both is usually very similar. The bride can have her favorite colors and designs, to have a memorable day that she will cherish for a lifetime.

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