Choosing the Right Mobile Dental Units for Your Cause

While many dentists choose to work in a physical office, many choose mobile dental units so that they can visit areas that cannot make it to the dentist. Dental hygiene is extremely important, but many people are impoverished and cannot make it to a dental office because of no vehicle or no money for gasoline and treatment. If you are currently considering mobile dental units to help those less fortunate, you should consider your choices carefully.

Questions to Ask

Before jumping in and purchasing a unit, you need to ask some specific questions of yourself and for others. What will you need in order to provide treatment to people? Is the vehicle going to comply with legal regulations and standards? Is it legal to perform dental services through mobile units in the areas you will be visiting? Will you be able to afford a new unit?

All of these questions should be answered honestly and fully before you embark on the decision to use a mobile dental unit to bring help to others. It is important to note that most dentists with these units do not make any money, as the people they help cannot afford services. You may be able to trade items for help or have lower costs that are affordable. You should also consider that performing these dental services will take time, so set specific hours and these hours will likely need to be on days where you don’t perform services in your office, or you will lose that money as well.


Your unit will need to include all the tools and safety options required. This will likely include sinks for hand washing, drills, x-ray machines, dental chairs and cleaning tools. Make sure you are able to afford all the items required, along with the mobile unit. Many people want to help others, but if you cannot afford all the items required to do the job correctly, it will help no one.


Just because you are helping the less fortunate, does not mean you should offer them inferior technological advances. Choose a company to build your unit that also understands current mobile regulations and technologies, because they will be able to meet regulatory standards. You should feel comfortable using the equipment, and it may be a good idea to purchase equipment you already use in your office.

Mobile dental units are becoming more popular because there are many who cannot get to a dentist. For help building the best unit consider Mobile Specialty Vehicles.

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