Choosing Amazing Hotel Rooms in Downtown Chicago

Traveling for a holiday or business is often demanding and stressful, even more so when traveling with a family. Choosing a great hotel is ideal for relieving stress at the end of the day. Comfortable hotel rooms in downtown Chicago and good food is essential.

Pool Time
Many hotels have access to a pool, which is ideal when traveling with children. Parents then have the option to join in the fun or just relax on the side of the pool. Hotels can even have water slides for the kids and hot tubs for the parents.

Additionally, some hotels even have ping pong tables, air hockey, and an arcade area. This is brilliant for entertaining both kids and adults. The London House Chicago has all these facilities, as well as poolside beverages and food.

Delicious Food
When traveling it is easy to skip meals. Choose the correct hotel rooms in downtown Chicago, that will provide delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It is always a pleasure to end the day with a meal for the family and a glass of beer or wine.

Many hotels have a lounge and casino. Booking their hotel rooms grants access to games like blackjack and pull-tabs. This is ideal for the business traveler. Live music is also available at these venues. This can transform a business trip into a holiday.

High-Quality Rooms
Modern hotel rooms have large flat-screen TVs and will have access to HD channels. This is excellent for entertainment and relaxation at the end of the day. High-speed wireless internet will also be available.

A queen-sized (or bigger) bed should be expected. All rooms will have a private bathroom, many with a bathtub also, some may even have a sofa and a work desk. This makes certain every trip is relaxing and comfortable. Contact London House Chicago for more information or call 312-357-1200

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