Cheap Satchel Handbags Are An Iconic Fashion Statement

Everyone loves to get a bargain and buying high quality cheap satchel handbags is a great way to stay on budget and in style. While many women may not realize it the satchel style of handbag is not just fashionable today, it actually has been popular since the early part of the 17th century.

Just What is a Satchel Handbag?

In today’s modern style a satchel handbag is much more fashion forward than the original models. There is really a range of different satchel style handbags for women, which gives you the chance to choose the perfect match for your taste.

The traditional satchel is a large pouch like bag that is typically worn under the arm with a long shoulder strap and a smaller, rigid handle. These are narrow and tend to have a flap type of cover and single large inside space.

Sturdy Yet Feminine

The modern high quality satchel handbags go well beyond this basic design. They may have a shoulder strip or a rigid or soft handle, or a combination of the two. They may be large or small in size and may be slightly wider at the base than at the closure at the top. Several styles have a very slightly triangular shape when viewed from the front or the side, which helps them to stand upright even when not being held.

Not Your Mother’s Handbag

New cheap satchel handbags are not just made of leather and do not just feature one large compartment and a flap closure. Many have additional pockets and pouches on the interior and exterior, including special compartments for cell phones, keys and smaller items.

Tassels, snaps, zippers, grommets and designer features and symbols are available on many satchel style bags. Many styles feature a variety of fabrics, prints and designs, making satchel handbags a must have item in any wardrobe.

Cheap satchel handbags can be more than just a fashion statement and a great deal. Different designs and styles are very suitable as a small carry on for travel or as a more informal option to a small briefcase. Finding a more structured and traditional style of satchel certainly works for this type of use.

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