Cases Handled By An Immigration Lawyer In Memphis

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An Immigration Lawyer in Memphis is familiar with proper procedures for naturalization and for applying for a work or education visa. He or she can inform you of your options in terms of remaining in the country until your case reaches a courtroom. Realize, however, an immigration case is a lengthy process and there is not a guarantee that you will not become deported during your case.


The United States government allows non-resident aliens to apply for education, work, and short term visit related visas. These visas are extended to individuals who would otherwise remain impoverished in their native country. However, these visas have strict guidelines and require the immigrant reestablish their visa within a specific time frame. Failure to do so may result in deportation attempts.

Guidelines for Visas

An immigrant may acquire a visa for only one reason. Whether that reason is work, education, or a vacation, he or she must refrain from actions that would require a different type of visa while inside the country. For instance, an immigrant who acquired a visa for a vacation is in violation with immigration laws if she or he begins working or enrolls into a college program. He or she is required by U.S. law to acquire a new visa in order to begin working or to become a student.

Changes That May Lead to Deportation

If an immigrant worker or student fails to report changes and acquire a new visa-based document to report these changes, he or she is subject to deportation. This is true if the student transfers to another college or if a worker begins to work for another company. The immigrant is required to report all changes, including changes in residence while inside the U.S.


An Immigration Lawyer in Memphis may present you if you are charged with marriage fraud. Immigration laws that enforce deportation apply to anyone who marries a legal U.S. citizen less than two years before filing documents for the naturalization process. The same is true of anyone who divorces a citizen after only two years of marriage. Anyone subjected of marriage fraud is subject to deportation.


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