Caring For Diamond Jewelry in Charlton MA

When someone receives a diamond engagement ring, they will most likely be overjoyed and excited to show of their new Diamond Jewelry in Charlton MA to friends and family. There are a few steps one should take to ensure their new ring remains in the best condition possible. This will help it look just as beautiful as it did when it left a jewelry store. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their diamond ring remains free of damage while sparkling bright for those to appreciate its beauty.

Avoid Exposing The Ring To Harsh Chemicals

It is extremely important to avoid exposing a diamond ring to detergents or bleach when doing cleaning procedures. Many detergents have harsh chemicals within their composition which could cause the ring to lose some of its luster. Taking the ring off or covering the hands with gloves is best.

Remove Your Ring To Avoid Damage

If someone plans to engage in an activity where their hands are at risk of impact, such a game of tennis, volleyball, or racquetball, taking the ring off beforehand is best. This will keep the prongs on the ring’s band from becoming damaged. It is also a good idea to take off a ring when bathing or washing the hands, so the soap does not alter the stone’s appearance. Soap leaves behind a cloudy film which could be difficult to remove once it dries.

Clean The Ring To Remove Debris

A professional ring cleaning procedure is the best way to remove debris from the stone and band. A jeweler can help with this task. They will have the proper equipment to blow out small particles trapped between the prongs and stone and will polish the gemstone and band in its entirety afterward. They will also assess the ring for any damage and make appropriate repairs if needed.

If someone is interested in finding out more about caring for Diamond Jewelry in Charlton MA, they can call a jeweler for more tips. When purchasing new jewelry or getting cleaning procedures done, Cormier Jewelers provides excellent customer service as well as great pricing.

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