Buying A New Or Used Excavator Drill Attachment: The Pros And Cons

For any type of excavation or drilling company, making the decision to buy new or used equipment is always important. It can be particularly critical to startup or smaller companies where capital investments are a large part of the costs of doing business. While big machines are costly, so are things like excavator drill attachment models or augers, buckets and breakers.

When choosing an excavator drill attachment or other attachment for drilling or breaking up the rock, it is important to consider if a used piece or equipment or something new is the best option. For the vast majority of drill attachment purchases new is typically the best option, but there is certainly a case to be made for buying used under specific conditions.

Buying New: Pros and Cons

The pros of buying a new excavator drill attachment are fairly self-evident, but they are well worth repeating. When buying a new piece of equipment, you will have the longest lifecycle, actually reducing the cost of the item per actual time on the job.

Additionally, with a new excavator drill attachment, you will have a warranty, as well as much less risk of downtime, provided all regularly required maintenance tasks are completed and the drill is operated with reasonable care and attention. Poor operators or using the drill under conditions it was not designed for will, of course, cut down on the life of a new or a used drill.

The biggest con or drawback to a new excavator drill attachment for a small company is the cost outlay. However, as mentioned above, when this is factored in as a cost per hour offset by the income, it is often the lower priced option in the long run.

Buying Used: Pros and Cons

Buying used from another company or through a heavy equipment auction is always a buyer beware situation. You will rarely have the opportunity to try out the equipment, and you will only have the current owner’s word on the number of hours and the history of repairs or equipment use.

On the other hand, buying a used excavator drill attachment from a company that refurbishes and tests the equipment can be a cost saving option that takes the risks out of the transaction. They can be much lower cost, but they typically will not have the lifecycle of a new model.

If you are buying used, one con to consider is the age of the excavator drill attachment. Finding a newer model with few hours and a good maintenance record is really the best option, and these models aren’t easy to find on the market.

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