Boiler Repair Contractors in St. Louis MO Understand Why Radiant Heat Systems Are Better

Residential boiler heating systems are generally considered better than forced-air furnace systems in nearly every way. One main advantage is the even heat throughout the room as it rises from the floor. In contrast, a forced air system blows heated air from vents into rooms, and that air travels in relatively unmanageable directions before it is drawn into a cold air register. The rooms don’t have cold spots with a radiant heat system, and the temperature remains constant. In addition, boilers tend to last longer than furnaces, and it should be a long time before the homeowner needs to call Boiler Repair Contractors in St. Louis MO for service.

Air quality is better in a house with a boiler system because there no dust and allergens are being blown around the room. There’s no need to routinely check and change an air filter since the boiler system moves hot water through tubes under the floor. The radiant system is quiet. People generally only hear any of the sounds if they go into a basement where some of the tubing equipment is located. Even with the best forced-air furnace, it’s difficult to keep floors warm on cold days. That’s especially true in rooms without carpeting. But radiant heat keeps the floors warm and comfy, even for people going barefoot.

Water holds heat more effectively than air does. That’s why a boiler is more energy efficient than a forced-air furnace. The system also doesn’t need to turn on as often to reheat the rooms, since the water in the tubes stays hot for a relatively long time.

Homeowners can avoid the need for Boiler Repair Contractors in St. Louis MO by having those same contractors perform annual maintenance on the system. As with forced-air furnaces, this maintenance and inspection service helps prevent breakdowns and increases energy efficiency. A technician from a company such as Courtney’s Heating & Cooling cleans and inspects parts, and tests various components to make sure everything is in good working order. Impending problems become apparent at this time, and the technician can show the homeowner worn parts and explain why those should be replaced.

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